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Thanks to everyone that turned out for the British gala this year.

This was our second year having the British Gala at the Ararat Event Centre.

As per last year's event, the morning started off rather wet. A true taste of British weather to which we could've done without, but by about 11.30am, the skies had cleared, and the outside activities started to formulate.

Whilst the event is mainly an indoor event, we have started to add outside activities with the great space that we have at the Ararat event centre.

This year was our largest ever. With many more vendors. We'd actually doubled the amount of vendors that we'd had at the festival last year, so I can safely say that the event is definitely growing.

Of course this year was also the day of the royal wedding of Prince Harry, and Princess Meghan. As we'd booked the day well in advance of the royal wedding, we decided to go ahead with the event despite the objections of a couple of people that insisted no one would be at the event as all would be watching the wedding... How wrong were they.....

It was also the day of one of our UK-Lele orchestra musicians who happens to be my brother-in-law's wife, so Ruby Renee had a rather large birthday bash for her birthday this year.

This year we were joined by Alex, and Jeff Goodwin.
It was great to meet them both along with several members of the Kansas City police officers that went along to meet with Alex, and enjoy a Cornish Pasty lunch provided by, and paid for by ourselves.

We also welcomed members of the Kansas City Fire department, and ambulance service, and they were provided with a lunch too whilst kids, and adults crawled in, and out of their various fire trucks at the event. Everyone that visited the fire trucks were also taught how to do CPR. Certainly something we all need to learn in an emergency situation.

All visitors enjoyed the entertainment, and speakers at the event too.

The day turned out to be a great success with many visitors coming to see the wonderful entertainers, purchase from vendors, learn from social groups, and to feast upon the delicious delicacies at the afternoon tea, and maybe have a Cornish pasty lunch to go.

We have more great things in the planning for next year's British Gala, so make sure to join our mailing list, and stay informed of what's to come for next year's event.

We look forward to seeing you next year.


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We look forward to seeing you all next year.

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King and Queen thrones from the Kansas City Renaissance festival
Town Crier from the Kansas City Renaissance festival
PRP Wine Inernational of Kansas City
The English Speaking Union of Kansas City
The fantastic UK-Lele Orchestra of KC
Boo from K9 Instincts LLC
The photographer himself - Mr. Craig Morton. Luv the tiara...
The Soul Fire dancers
Giggles and crowns
The wee furry Sammy from K9 Instincts LLC with a new friend.
Brit Bloke with Alex Goodwin
The fantastic  UK-Lele Orchestra of KC
Brit Blokes with Jeff Goodwin
Plying dress up.
Oh oh... The Brit Blokes in trouble again...
Come on sonny....
You're nicked!!
One of our British Gala visitors wearing a very appropriate London dress
British Gala Entrance
Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
Peter Pan over Tower Bridge
The Soul Fire Dancers
The UK-Lele Orchestra of KC
That Brit Bloke again
Brit Bloke with Michelle Lynn Braden
Brit Bloke with the Steampunk Lady - MIchelle Lynn Braden
Kansas City's Hottest dance group...
Click HERE to learn more about them
Alex Goodwin with his dad Jeff Goodwin
Brit Bloke pictured with Cheryl from Sticki Stitches
A couple of performers from the fantastic Soul Fire dance group..
Mre brightly dressed dancers from the Soul Fire dance group.
Great to see all these cops at the British Gala festival.
A big thank you to Ellen Ward for bringing, and adorning herself with the Union Jack sweater that she is pictured with the young Alex Goodwin, and his dad Jeff Goodwin.

The Union Jack sweater belonged to a wonderful friend, and club member of our British social group "Brits International" here in Kansas City, Missouri.

The lady that owned it was a well known figure along with her husband at the British Gala festivals as well as known throughout the Kansas City, and surrounding area.

Karen Ralston was such a lovely lady, and a person that has been, and still is sorely missed within our community. 
Her, and her husband Al were always together, and had been a great influence with preparation of the British Gala festival that we thought it fitting that her Union Jack sweater be at the festival this year in honour them both.

Al had passed away unexpectedly a month before last year's festival. Actually, he passed away, the day before their 43rd wedding anniversary.

Karen had put a lot of time into making  several displays for the event that she wanted to make sure all were set out for the event. She felt she couldn't be there in person, but we understood that.

Unfortunately for us, Karen decided to leave this earth on her own terms last October which has been a devastating loss to many of us in the group.
As Karen had worn this lovely Union Jack sweater at our first British Gala festival, and a lovely picture had been taken of her wearing it by the Kansas City Star, we felt it had to be at this British Gala Festival. Ellen Ward has been a honoured close friend of Karen for many years, so it was fitting for Ellen to bring the sweater back to the festival this year. We felt that Karen was there with us.

In honour of Karen, we have decided to auction the sweater off, and give the monies raised to Alex Goodwin to help towards his continued treatment here in Kansas City.
Alex is pictured above, and you can learn more about Alex, and his treatment by clicking HERE
Al and Karen Ralston
Jeff & Alex Goodwin with Ellen Ward
The sweater is a Small size.

All proceeds from the sale of the Union Jack Sweater will be sent direct to the Alex Goodwin fund.

Once we have the sweater listed on a designated auction website, we will let all know via our designated Union Jack Sweater mailing list, so be sure to signup on the list below.
The mailing list is purely for those wishing to know more about the auction.

Thank you for your interest.

Ray Caraher
Brits International Club President
British Gala Founder

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