Alex Goodwin is the young lad that at just nine years old was told by doctors in England that he had a rare form of cancer, and it was too late for them to help him...
His family were informed that doctors in Kansas City were able to help him, and so started the journey for Alex, and his family to seek out those that could help him.

Alex is now 11 years old now, and is thankfully in remission, but with a rather large percentage that the cancer may return, Alex has to keep going for tests in Kansas City every three months, and for a family located in Warwickshire, England, that's a huge undertaking, and expensive as we can all imagine.

In order to keep paying for medical expenses, and travel expenses too, the family have written a book telling all about Alex.

There's a DVD included with an interview with Alex.

This is a great book, and very well made. The DVD is professionally composed, and also comes complete with a video of Jeff Goodwin (Alex's father), and his friend that composed an absolutely addictive song called "Horizon On My Mind". 
There is a professionally made video with their song that includes many members of the Warwickshire police force, Canadian force, Australian, and of course Kansas City police too.

The song is available on iTunes at:
You can also search via your phone in the iTunes app.

In case you haven't already heard, Alex's Dad is an active member of the Warwickshire police force, and a well respected one at that.
So many of his fellow colleagues have come forward to help him,and his family to do all they can to help Alex.

All profit from the sale of the book goes to help Alex in getting the help he needs to stay strong, and kick the arse of the horrid disease known as cancer.
All details are in the book along with several pictures of Alex, and his family.

Alex will be appearing at the British Gala Festival in Kansas City this year along with his family, so come along, and meet the young lad that has had so much thrown at him at such a young age.
He will have many of his books available at the festival for you to purchase, and he will be signing them on the day too.

The book is also available locally at two British shops in the Kansas City area at:

929 Massachusetts Street,
Lawrence, KS 66044

Tel: 785 843 2288


Redcoats, That British Store,
5309 151st Street,
Leawood, KS 66224

Tel: 913 225 2445 

You can also buy online at Amazon.
Just click on the image below:

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Alex with his Dad Jeff Goodwin, and Kansas City Police Chief Terry Zeigler
Alexander's Journey has a song! its called Horizon On My Mind and it was released on the 5th December 2016. It was written by David Jones who works at Warwickshire Police with Alex's Dad. David owns the copyright but "gifted" the song to Alexander's Journey to help raise funds for Alex and his future.

David Jones and his son David have produced the song (production, editing etc) and created a finished product through their company Mix Asylum. The song has a Rock Edge to it and in Alexander's words "This song is a story about me, about my cancer".

David Jones originally wrote the song with his own son in mind and the battle he faced as a child going into adulthood with Cerebral Palsy. 

The song is available for download on iTunes, Amazon and via direct Text on your mobile phone. Just search "Horizon On My Mind" or type in HOMM in your mobile phone and send it to 85888. The song costs 99p ($1.29) to download or as indicated on ITUNES or Amazon, 70% of that revenue (after Tax) goes directly to Alexander's Journey fund to assist Alex with rehabilitation following his treatment and to support and enrich his life as a cancer survivor into adulthood. 5% of that revenue (after Tax) will go to a Registered Emergency Services Charity (Police, Fire, Ambulance or Search & Rescue) who will be picked by Alex. This payment will be made periodically in line with receipts coming into the Account from Sales and other related sources (i.e. Royalties, Merchandise etc). The remaining 25% (after Tax) will be paid through David Jones to his son to support him in his life and to recognise the involvement of both him and his son in making the song etc a reality.

To support the song an Official Music Video has been produced which includes representatives from 36 of the 43 Home Office Police Forces, 2 National Police Forces and The West Midlands Ambulance Service, Warwickshire Fire Service and Warwickshire Search & Rescue Service. In addition to this it includes footage created specially for the video from The Metropolitan Police and from Police Officers in The United States of America, Canada and Australia.

The video can be viewed on the Official VEVO site and on You Tube. A personal electronic copy can be purchased from the On-line Indiegogo Shop just search "Indiegogo Alexanders Journey".

The Official Music Video and indeed the song itself could not have been made or be as successful if not for the huge support of Warwickshire and West Mercia Police Service and we truly thank them for this help, support and invaluable assistance in making it happen. The majority of the video was filmed at Warwickshire Polices HQ at Leek Wootton. Please see below some still footage and photographs from the video and its production day at Leek Wootton on Sunday 6th November 2016.

Please support us and download the song and buy the video.

Click HERE to view Alex's official website: