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Thanks to everyone that turned out for the British gala this year.

The weather couldn't have been much better for the 3rd Annual British Gala.

It was by far our largest event this year with many more vendors joining us this year.

This year we were also joined, and entertained thoroughly by the O'Riada Manning Irish dancers.
They were so captivating to watch.
We do hope to see them at the next British Gala.

Also, this year we were honoured to have the King & Queen stop by, and stay with us throughout the day along with some of their royal court.
Such great actors, and actresses.
They were so gracious throughout the day, and we thoroughly enjoyed having them be a part of the British Gala this year. We hope they stop by next year.

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All of the vendors from this year's show have said they'll be attending next year. 
We're also looking for new vendors, so if you have something British to offer, and you'd like to join us all at next year's gala then feel free to Email Us.

We look forward to seeing you next year.


Let us know what you thought of the British Gala this year by leaving your comments in our guestbook below
BSA Bantam D1
BSA Bantam D1
David, Britainee, and Sheila helping out at the Brits International booth.
Miss Rabbit Ears....
The King & Queen along with their royal court made it out the British Gala this year.
We all had a great time seeing them at the gala this year.
Visit them, and many others at their website: http://www.kcrenfest.com/
Seems the Queen popped by this year, and then Queen Elizabeth too.....
Helen with stand-up Queen.
Thanks for all your help preparing the Cornish pasties..
Saint Patrick with the Queen
The dean chatting to David Charlton of Midwest Kilts.
Great to see Dennis from Mr. Micrtophone stopping by to see what we all get up to at the British Gala.
Good to see Mr. England stop by.
The girls at the bead shop....
Amber & Terrence with a couple of our grand kids Milo, and Dalin.
Good to see the boys made it there.
Brits from Lawrence, Kansas.
St. Patrick stopping by the Kansas City Renaissance table....
Eden, our wee grand daughter having a chat with the Queen..
Miss Eden with the King & Queen.
St. Patrick, and Mrs. St. Patrick hob knobbing with the Queen.
Mr & Mrs St. Patrick
Hanging out with the royals at last.
Jauslyn with the King...
Pictures by Amber
Pictures by Carey Strangeway
Pictures by Kay Bias
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Pictures by Tulsa Read
1958 Beardmore London Taxi
A couple of old style Mini's.
Where to Guv ?....
Evan at the Kansas City Welsh Society table.
Lin & Kay.
Gerry from the Complete Traveler.
Tulsa Read.
Karen & Al. A couple of great volunteers. Thanks for all the help.
Brits of Lawrence, Kansas.
Tayside Treasures.
Wendy at Corner Tea. (My nearest & dears=est.
Mary from the Greater Kansas City Cornish Society.
What a great society they are.
Join them every year for their St. Piran's Day luncheon in Kansas City.
You'll find them on Facebook.
Carey & Joyce.
Check out Joyce's website to see all of her great embroidery, knitted hats, jumpers, cardigans, and much much more.
Check out her website at: www.joycesknitwear.com
Mr. Saint Patrick himself.
Cheers Al.
The happy British Gala organizer himself. Thanks for getting me in such a happy pose Tulsa...
Midwest Kilts
Midwest Kilts
Sheila with the Canon musician for the Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral "John Schaeferr"
Ray & David at the Brits International tables.
Helen and Her Majesty.
Karen & Al with Her Majesty.
Sir David with Her Majesty.
Karen & Helen working at getting the Cornish pasty lunches ready for all of our hungry visitors.
Need to get your Cornish pasty fix throughout the year ?. Then the Pasty Oven is where you need to order from. Visit their website at: www.pastys.com
Trying to grab a quick bite.  Sausage rolls by way of The British Banger Company...
Saint Patrick & Her Majesty.
Saint Patrick chatting to Mr. Microphone himself. Visit Denns's website, and you'll get to see a lot of his wonderful microphone creations: www.mrmicrophone.com

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