A  huge success!!.

For the 1st Annual British Gala in Kansas City on 28th April the event turned out to be a huge success.
None of us knew what to expect from the event as to whether how many people would turn up.

We'd sent out, and handed out 30,000 leaflets about the event over a course of about 6 months. 14,000 in the three weeks leading upto the event.
The internet via emails, facebook, and twitter with not only us, but vendors at the event advertising.
With everyones help, it turned out really well.

All vendors done very well, and that was certainly a main concern for myself. I certainly wanted all to do well there, and thankfully they did.

Unfortunately I didn't get to see all the British vehicles that turned up during the day, but I hear we had some really nice looking vehicles stop by, and be a part of the event during the day.
Hopefully we'll have more the next time.

The Highland dancers were greatly liked at the show, and stopped everyone at the show whilst all gathered around to watch them all perform at 1pm.

Terry Elton, and Justin Scott performed their various magic tricks all day whilst dressed in the costumes of their new magic act called "The Curiosity Shoppe".
If you ever get the chance to see either, or both of them petrform. Take the chance. They're great magicians, and funny too.

The Teahouse & Coffeepot were making tea all day long. Had a lot of their homemade scones, and shortbread there, and made cream teas throughout the day.

The Cornish pasty lunches were a great hit. We sold quite a few to take away, but we sold out of them all by about 2pm, or so.
They were very well liked throughout the event, so next time we'll make sure we have more because I forgot to save one for myself..

The Gorman Bakery's sausage rolls, Scotch eggs, and bacon & cheese pastry wraps were a huge hit at the event too. They sold out of the Scotch eggs very quickly.
The sausage rolls are great, and happy to say I managed to get a bag of those to go.

Homemade Lemon fudge. All that tried that couldn't get enough of it. That went down very well at the show too.
Made by Wendy who was certainly not prepared for the compliments, and recipe questions on those when she turned up later in the day.

Brits of Lawrence were there with a great deal of British goodies to sell which her pile of goodies certainly depleted during the day.

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